I’m back!

Hey guys! I’m really sorry for being away for so long. I really missed you guys. But I’m back now. It’s gonna take at least a week for me to settle things down. I will answer all your questions, just be patient okay? Also, thanks for not leaving us :)

Love, Carol.

05.06.2014 / +14

Hey guys!

So, first of all, I need to apologize for the lack of posts in the last few days. Also, I won’t be able to post anything, and I don’t know for how long. So, we need a new member to update the blog. If you’re interested, you follow these steps, and we’ll get back to you. Thanks guys!

02.15.2014 / +5
Anonymous asked: Do you think Malcolm Merlyn will return in Arrow?

Yes, absolutely.

02.12.2014 / +31
Anonymous asked: I love blogs about arrow and this blog is wonderful - thank u! I have recently posted my first fan video entitled #TeamArrow and would love feedback if you can. Kimmy G ;)

Thank youuuuu! Oh send us a link for the video ;) - Carol

02.05.2014 / +5
wearenotsodifferentatall asked: Omg finally I found a blog about Arrow? :o Love it!!

Thank you so much! Welcome! - Carol

02.03.2014 / +9
austin46 asked: I didn't know there was more than one person running the blog! I just saw the big fat TEAM tag on the side bar, who'd have know! Maybe you can all share your thoughts on the show and state who you are each time. Would be interesting :)

We’re three people, but Gabriel (the owner) is busy so I’m taking care of the blog on my own. Yeah, that could work. I just don’t want to make my point of view being seen as Gabriel and Sarah as well. - Carol

02.02.2014 / +4